Our expandable X-Series BMS controllers are typically used with medium to high voltage battery packs for mobile applications, full electric and hybrid electric vehicles (including citybuses), and industrial machines. The X-Series' patent-pending design includes features to increase safety and intelligently manage inter-controller communications. Our S-Series and X-Series controllers are highly configurable and can be adapted for many different applications.

Controller # Voltage
X-BCU (master) 1-20 X-MCUP controllers up to 1000
X-MCUP controller 4-12 cells up to 55
X-Series BMS Total up to 20 X-MCUP, 240 cells up to 1000

Our standalone S-Series controllers may be more suitable for battery packs under 220 V with 48 cells or fewer.
Our T-Series controllers are more suitable for low-voltage backup battery systems.