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T-Series BMS Controller

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The T-Series BMS controller was developed as a cost-effective, energy efficient solution for Telecom rack-mount backup batteries. This dual-sided PCBA is a all-in-one, parallel-capable BMS with everything needed to manage lithium-ion cells and make a complete battery pack: cell and current monitoring, solid state relays, communications, LED indicators, and thermal management (if required).

Two models are available with isolated communications over RS-485 or RS-232, both of which are configurable for any protocol required. Both models are intended for panel mounting, with external indicators and connectors on one side, and internal connectors on the other.

JTT Electronics Telecom Series BMS is designed with the following features to be maintenance-free, saving time and money:

ASCT (Adaptive Smart Connect Technology)  Allows the relay to close with resistive, capacitive, and combination loads.

IAR system (Intelligent Automatic Reconnect)  automatically reconnects the battery post-fault when fault conditions are removed.

Extensive protections  short-circuit, reverse voltage, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and over-temperature.

BMS Link Software  can connect to a PC or laptop for real-time communication, data-logging and diagnosis.

To learn more about our T-Series BMS controller, have a look at our BMS controller overview or download this product's data sheet.

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