According to Steven Fleishman, hybrid bus project manager for Western Washington University, the WWU Hybrid Bus Project is a research and design effort with the objective of creating a “paradigm-changing” shuttle bus design that will be viable for a variety of transportation applications.

To develop the hybrid bus, Western Washington University (WWU) has been working together with JTT Electronics and other partners at the Technology Development Center in Bellingham, Washington. WWU and their other partners’ main focus is on weight reduction using composite materials, advanced aerodynamics and other features to optimize fuel economy. JTT Electronics’ focus is on integrating the lithium-ion system.

WWU hybrid bus to use JTT battery system

In the early stages of the project, JTT Electronics staff analyzed possible battery configurations based on the project’s requirements and energy needs. Now JTT is working with the team to effectively integrate the lithium-ion battery pack into the hybrid bus. Lithium-ion batteries are by nature very lightweight and energy dense, making them ideal for fuel efficient vehicles.

“We are proud to be able to contribute to the weight reduction and fuel economy targets of the project,” said JTT Electronics’ CEO, Steven VanWerkhoven. JTT is committed to high-performance, clean and cost-effective energy solutions, and has extensive experience with electric and hybrid electric city bus systems.

Read more about the project at WWU’s website here or here.