New Product: E-Scooter Portable Battery Pack

This maintenance-free 48V 25Ah battery pack provides consumers with a safe and reliable high-performance battery pack for their electric scooters. Initially developed for use in GIO Motors’ electric scooters, our new portable battery packs are the ideal replacement for lead-acid batteries in 48V electric bikes and scooters. Built with quality components and designed to North American automotive standards, this pack is built to last. Read more

New Product: Portable Series BMS

JTT Electronics announces a new BMS for portable lithium-ion battery systems. Designed to automotive standards and originally used in battery packs for electric scooters, this is a high-quality, autonomous BMS that ensures lithium-ion safety and performance for the lifetime of the battery pack. Read more

JTT Involved in WWU Hybrid Bus Project

The WWU Hybrid Bus Project is a research and design effort with the objective of creating a “paradigm-changing” shuttle bus design that will be viable for a variety of transportation applications. Read more

3G Data Reporting Implemented for Client PHEV Battery Packs

Optional 3G data reporting is now available for all JTT battery products, to provide clients with battery usage data. It is also now possible to implement wireless real-time data monitoring and reporting with JTT battery products. Read more

JTT Electronics Announces Strategic Partnership with GIO Motors

With plans to have their new lithium-ion scooters on the market sometime later this year. Design and testing is already underway as the two companies work to find the best way to bring their technologies together. Read more