New Product: Portable Series BMS

P-Series BMS resources: Product page, data sheet (pdf).

JTT Electronics has completed development of an economical battery management system (BMS) for portable low voltage lithium-ion battery packs. Typical applications are 24V to 48V batteries for electric bikes, electric scooters, UPS and backup power systems. As with all JTT products, this BMS has been developed to North American automotive standards with quality components and design. The P-Series BMS is currently in mass production.

Introducing the P-Series BMS:

  • Intelligent Battery Disconnect – Protects your battery against everything from overcharging to short circuits, ensuring safety and continued high-performance over the lifetime of your battery.
  • Safety System Redundancy – Even if the primary safety system is compromised, the battery will be permanently disconnected by a secondary protection system to ensure the safety of the battery, equipment and personnel.
  • Continuous Protection – JTT’s intelligent battery safety system never sleeps. Extremely low-power monitoring is active even when the battery is not being used.
  • Energy Conservative – In storage, it would take the intelligent safety system more than 15 years to drain a 25Ah battery from a full charge.

The P-Series BMS monitors all cell voltages, 2 cell temperatures and battery current to ensure that everything is operating smoothly. There are models available for LFP, LMO, and NMC battery packs of 5 to 13 cells. For more information, see our product page and data sheet, or contact us.

The P-Series BMS by JTT Electronics: Protect what matters.