5New Product: E-scooter Portable Lithium-ion Battery Pack

E-scooter battery pack resources: Product page, data sheet (pdf).

This maintenance-free 48V 25Ah battery pack provides consumers with a safe and reliable high-performance battery pack for their electric scooters. Initially developed for use in GIO Motors’ electric scooters, our new portable battery packs are the ideal replacement for lead-acid batteries in 48V electric bikes and scooters. Built with quality components and designed to North American automotive standards, this pack is built to last. It’s easy to install and charge, and a carrying strap is available for added convenience.

Introducing JTT Electronics’ E-scooter battery pack:

  • High Performance Cells – Our battery packs utilize every last ion, with passive cell balancing and battery cells selected for e-scooter performance via extensive proprietary in-house cell testing.
  • Superior Lifetime and Support – With a lifetime of 3-5 years and a 3 year limited warranty, our battery pack is hassle-free and maintenance-free.
  • Intelligent Safety System – Our integrated P-Series BMS monitors cell and pack conditions to prevent battery abuse and ensure battery safety. The BMS includes a secondary battery disconnect for safety system redundancy.
  • Small and Lightweight – Weighing less than 20 pounds (9 kg), this battery pack offers a 65-75% reduction in weight and volume compared to lead-acid batteries, meaning electric bikes and scooters can travel further.
  • Simple and Convenient – With a simple plug power output, and a carrying strap available as an accessory, this hot-swappable battery pack can be easily charged or stored at home or at work.

JTT Electronics is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices. For more information about this battery pack, have a look at the product page or data sheet, or feel free to contact us.