JTT Electronics Announces Strategic Partnership with GIO Motors

JTT Electronics and GIO Motors have publicly announced their plan to enter into a strategic partnership, with plans to have their new lithium-ion scooters on the market sometime later this year. Design and testing is already underway as the two companies work to find the best way to bring their technologies together.

JTT Electronics has a long history developing advanced battery systems for the telecom UPS, hybrid electric vehicle and electric vehicle industries. Since their founding in 2010, JTT Electronics have been exploring the limits of intelligent BMS technology. "We have hundreds of lithium-ion cells in various stages of testing right now," said Steven VanWerkhoven, JTT Electronics' CEO, "and our battery controllers are being customized for optimum integration with the scooters. We are very optimistic at this point."

GIO Motors scooter - soon to run on JTT's lithium-ion battery technology

GIO Motors is a Vancouver based company with Canada-wide distribution of their recreational lifestyle equipment ranging from ATVs to electric scooters and bicycles. With years of experience manufacturing and distributing affordable, quality products across Canada, they have been pushing the boundaries of recreational vehicle technology since their founding in 2003. "We are excited to partner with JTT Electronics," said John Dem, Managing Director of GIO Motors. "By leveraging our respective technology and implementation capabilities, we can continue to provide our customers with the highest quality recreational vehicles in Canada."

The vehicle range and battery warranty offered by the completed scooters are expected to be unparalleled on the Canadian market, and both companies are excited to see what more can be done to unify the technologies involved.