Battery Management System Controllers

Our battery management system (BMS) controllers monitor lithium-ion battery packs to enhance performance and ensure safe operating conditions. They are generally used in a variety of applications including hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and backup power systems.

"Protect What Matters"

Protect your personnel and equipment. Keep your battery packs safe and stable with JTT Electronics BMS controllers. With as many as 80 fault conditions being monitored continuously, and safety architecture redundancy, our controllers provide the intelligent protection your system needs.

"Knowledge is Power"

Know what your battery packs are doing as soon as they do. Our controllers intelligently monitor the entire battery pack, applying adaptive algorithms and calculations to provide you with comprehensive information in real-time. And with our BMS Link software and configurable communications, you can access this information anytime.

"Go the Extra Mile"

Extend the range of your vehicles. Running on 1/3 the power of previous generation controllers, your battery packs last longer, taking you further. Our BMS controllers never waste your power, responsively changing between power management modes and intelligently balancing cells to increase battery life and longevity. Get where you need to be with JTT Electronics.

"Never Stop"

Give your technology the support it needs, so it never stops working for you! Economically designed, our battery backup BMS controllers help supply your equipment with the uninterrupted power they need. Just as you rely on your technology, your technology can rely on JTT Electronics.