3G Data Reporting Implemented for Client PHEV Battery Packs

JTT Electronics has successfully installed a new wireless data-reporting system in airport PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) using JTT's lithium-ion battery packs. In addition to the vehicles operating within the United States, a demo vehicle currently in transit to Asia has also been equipped with the data reporting system. The data reporting system can operate on any data-capable mobile network and is now available for all JTT battery products.

Airport GSE with 3G data reporting system.

The airport PHEVs are currently active and are sending data to JTT headquarters for analysis. "We’re excited about the communications capabilities it brings to the table," said Russell Potter, JTT's Director of Engineering. "Real-time wireless monitoring is now feasible for any number of our lithium-ion systems worldwide.”

The battery runtime data collected is currently being used to provide the client with battery performance and usage reports on their vehicles. Battery pack data collected ranges from temperatures and voltages to current and state of charge. JTT has already released the first data report to the client involved.